Monday, July 18, 2011

hair cut

i finally got a hair cut this weekend.

it's been over a year (actually- closer to 2 years) since my last trim and i had the split ends to prove it. also, the last time i got a legit "style" cut was when i was 14
(and we won't even discuss that one. seriously- i should show you pictures. in fact, i will. i'll dig them up & let you gasp in horror. in my defense- it totes wasn't my idea. i was going on a mission trip for the summer so my mom though it'd be a good idea to all but shave my head. yeah. that bad. but i digress.)

any.way. so the idea was to go to the local hair school & get my hair cut, styled, straightened & etc etc on the cheap. real cheap. like $10 cheap.
i called in advance & was told to come on in, no appt needed, plenty of student, etc etc. hooray.

i arrived at 9 o'clock sharp (pictures in hand) & was promptly asked if i had an appt.


hmmm- well only 2 students had shown up that morning & without an appt (which i was told i didn't need) there were no openings. but i could come back at 11 & see if anything was available.

eff that. the girls were home with the husband & i was prepped & ready.
i left. and i sort of wanted to cry. i had planned for this for 3 weeks. why does the universe plot against me?

pouting, i stopped at the ATM on the way home & noticed a Super Cuts. ugh. yes? no? eff it- i went in.
i told the girl what she was working with (mad curly hair) and what i wanted (bangs, layers, all around awesome)

she quickly got to work & chatted about God knows what the entire time. i admit, i wasn't listening. so i felt really bad when she stopped (after having obviously asked me a question) and realized that i had no idea what she wanted to know.

"um...Frodo?" wtf? damnit woman.

my kid's name is Frodo now.

anyway, i had a moment of panic when she brought the shears forward to create my "bangs"

really? that short? are you positive?


good God. but it's curly- this is ok. it needs to be straight to see results. right? omg. am i a poodle now? like seriously- did i just turn into a dog?

i'm to tired to care.

10 minutes later i was out of the chair & dishing out $20 (including tip) with my frizzy hair in a pony & my "bangs" pinned back. now i had to go home & spend 40 minutes with my straightener.


not the epic haircut i had envisioned. but whatever.

after bitching to the husband about my hair trials & tribulations- i straightened it & applied more than a normal amount of hair serum (in an attempt to ward off the effects of humidity)

all done. i surveyed the damage in the mirror, deemed it "not bad" and decided that next time i'll pony up the cash & go to a legit salon. you know, where they use razors & fancy scissors & offer you sparkling mineral water in exchange for an $80 encounter with their skillz.

that is what happens, right? because i've never been to a fancy hair place. i have no idea what goes on behind those glass doors.

all in all, my hair looks a lot better & could look a lot worse. so, no complaints.


(even though my lazy eye says otherwise, i'm not drunk. or high)

New hair- finally
(via Instagram)

right? if it wasn't for humidity & the fact that my hair hates me, i'd be 99% happy with it.
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Carol said...

I think it looks great, T! We have similar hair types, have you ever tried Phyto Anti-frizant...I LURVE that stuff. Makes my hair super easy to straighten and not so puffy when it's curly.

e and w said...

Beautiful! I also have the wavy/frizzy type hair and it's in a sloppy bun 99% of the time ;)

Amy said...

from your post I was expecting some AWFUL haircut!!!! IT's looks so cute!

I would choose supercuts over a beauty school anytime. I went to beauty school and we gave some awful haircuts. Did you ever call a local salon and ask if they need models...that's free!!!

Katie said...

if you're ever in need of a high-end, amazing cut, try Radiance Aveda in Salem, Mass. they are a non-tipping salon & spa, and every experience I've had there has been great -- haircuts for me, a friend, my man, facials and waxing. and if you need more to get you down this way, there's a Rita's in Salem! and I'm not far away.

Colby said...

Can I just say how much I love your writing style- you are just like my girls here in Charlotte- we always tell it like it is lol And Frodo? Laughed out loud. Keep it up girl- great blog!
p.s. I emailed you a while back about the coop... big pout here.. the hubby has yet to start on one... little does he know what his summer vaca is going to be like lol

jenn said...

lvoe it! 20$ well spent!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I was bracing myself and then it turned out super cute.

Jennifer said...

Your hair turned out beautifully!!

Melissa said...

I thought your hair looked fantastic when I saw you Monday. And I totally did not know you had this blog until now. Duh. I know a woman in Manchvegas who does a great job (don't go by my hair, I am way overdo and I never do anything to it when I come to work) and I think she charges around $30.
I have very dry, frizzy, old hair. I've always tried to take good care of it, but...and then last weekend I went to Lush - they have a store in Salem at the Rockingham Mall or you can order on-line. I bought their Godiva shampoo bar. And they gave me a sample of one of their hair moisturizers that you put a teeny amount in your hair and it is oh so soft. Next time I come in the office, touch my hair. I'll bring in my goodies - I just ordered more on-line. Their stuff isn't cheap, but a little goes a long way. My hair has totally changed in just a week, and that is with being in the pool every day!!

t.bird said...

thanks ladies!
carol: i NEED something new- so let me look @ that stuff!

melissa: "next time i'm in the office, touch my hair!"

lol. sexual harassment! but i shall anyway.