Sunday, December 2, 2007

happy birthday

p.s. my amish friendship bread came out AWESOME! i already ate a piece. it's wicked good!

today is my husband's birthday, and tomorrow is his mother's- so we're going over to his parents in 30min to celebrate...again- we went out to dinner last night with them & his brother, his fiance & her son- but that was more for him than her- this is all for her.
so in honor of their births: i just finished making this tiramisu cake. i think it came out rather well. i cut out the letters & everything. i'm pleased- and can't wait to show it off so his family can oooh & awww. i'm such an attention slut. hehe!

i'm also waiting on it to snow...come on already! i want to stay home tomorrow!
that's all. happy 28th birthday brandon! love you!
thank you God that even though it's wicked cold out- we are safe & warm.
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Iwantababybelly said...

Tiramisu cake sounds yum. Got a recipe?

-this is echloe from the nest.