Monday, December 10, 2007

babies everywhere

my church had this little "shin dig" thing this weekend, so on saturday i went with my husband and our friends and their two children- ok fun. we get there and my friend (who i haven't seen in a couple months) let's us know that she is pregnant with her 6th kid! they have 5 boys already- and this was a WOOPS! i'm happy for them- but seriously, come on! i also bump into a good friend that i grew up with, whom i also haven't seen in a little while, and she askes me when we're planning on having a baby. she already has a 2 1/2 year old and had NO trouble getting pregnant (in fact no one in her family does) meh! i don't know.

and then to top off the baby weekend- i have been babysitting for these 3 little girls for almost 10 years now (since the first one was born) so i babysat them this weekend along with 2 more little girls that are friends of theirs whom i have babysat for before- well when the 2 other little girls are being dropped off i notice that their mom is about 6-7 months pregnant. they're having another girl. what is UP with all these pregnant ladies and babies and EVERYTHING!?

and i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant- my period is due by tomorrow or thursday and she's on her way. bitches! ah well. all in His time.

God bless.
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