Saturday, December 22, 2007

drunken stupor

this is my husband after getting trashed at his christmas party:

yeah- he was pretty wasted- he kept going around telling everyone that he was "them" it was quite amusing.
i on the other hand only had three drink and i was quite sober- one of us had to drive!
all in all it was a good time.

in other news- i should be ovulating sometime between the 23-25. yes- merry christmas! i hope it's a sign- because it's getting increasingly more difficult to stay positive about this whole process. this is month #9 and i'm getting...meh.

it doesn't help that friends of ours that aready have 3 kids (1 his from a previous marrige & 2 theirs) who have NO MONEY to speak of- live in a tiny 2 bdrm condo- she doesn't work- want a house- again, have NO MONEY EVER- oh yeah, and whos marrige has been on the rocks for a good 3 years (and had a baby in the meantime anyway) think they might be pregnant again. we noticed that she didn't drink at the party last night so my husband asked him what's up and he said he's pretty sure she's pregnant- she hasn't told him and he doesn't want, nor can he afford, anymore kids so he's scared shitless.
way to go- they don't use protection and he refused to get a vasectomy so this is both of their faults- he doesn't want anymore and she said she didn't either but she'd get pregnant just to spite him and etc. they're very weird- if she does announce that she is expecting- i really can't be happy for them. i always listen to her complain about no money & how much her husband is a bad husband and father- my husband lends him money and we make sure that they have certain things that they need all the time. so if they've gone and gotten pregnant again- i really can't be happy for them.

she's also one of my friends that has NO trouble getting pregnant and tells me that i must be doing something wrong because i'm not pregnant yet. it's irks me but i never say anything. ugh- i seriously hope she's not (but i'm almost positive that she is because after hearing that news toda i remember a conversation about birth control & abortion & pregnancy that we had the other night) because it'll probably crush me. i don't know why poor people in bad relashionships have no trouble getting knocked up but us stable people wh actually like each other and want a baby, can't. it's not fair.

blah- lame. anyway.
i'm still thankful for everything that we've been given this year and i know it's all in God's time that we will aquire the things that we pray for.

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