Tuesday, July 2, 2013

oh baby. no baby.

no baby yet. 39 weeks & 3 days today & he's still kickin' it on the inside. & i can't complain. i'm so very thankful for a healthy, easy, stress free pregnancy. while my body may take it's sweet time getting pregnant, once it does it easy like sunday morning.

yes, i have heartburn & my crotch aches. i have random leg cramps & sometimes the sudden need to pee takes my breath away & makes me cross my legs- but all in all- i'm A-Ok & so is he.

my due date is 07.07. which is also our 6 year anniversary. so let's see if baby boy follows in his oldest sister's footsteps & keeps on keepin' on until waaay past his "expected" arrival date, or if he pulls a brynn & comes right on time.

as for life- i'm 2 days into my 3rd week as a full time stay at home mom. i'm still sane & i'm pretty sure the girls are as well.

i'll be honest, it's incredibly challenging a good 65% of the time. i wrack my brain for "things" to do, lunch to make, discipline to dole out & i'm in a constant battle of breaking up fights, trying to stem my yelling & fighting my intense desire to just turn on the tv & let them veg out for 10 hours at a time.
but it's oh so fun as well. i listen to them on the monitor every morning (they share a room & it's....hilarious) & i get to hear their first "good morning!" 's & see their first smiles. we eat breakfast & i simply sit & watch them.

have you ever observed a 2.5 & 3.5 year old have a conversation?
it's fascinating.

we do crafts, go to Target, play outside, build towers with blocks, play dress up, eat snacks, take 1500 potty breaks, trek to the splash pad, pray for play dates, snuggle, read books, give hugs & kisses, etc etc etc.

i also toss in laundry, bills, shopping, cooking, cleaning, litter box changing, dog dealings, & other not so "fun" things.

lunch happens, naps (only for brynn since alex is "not a baby" now- her words), afternoon movie, snacks, baths & then dinner. daddy gets home & i become chopped liver. it's the circle of life.

i'm tucking away these last days before baby boy gets here. while it's still just us girls. they're SO excited for him to make his exit- but they're also not aware of what that means for them- so i'm praying that it goes smoothly. that he fits seamlessly into our every day life & they're just....happy.

(instagram: @lookatthebirds)

& what would make me happy? or rather, happier?

figuring out how to make money grow on trees to support the girl's clothing habit. that right, their's. it's not just my fault anymore. champagne tastes over here people.
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Kristin said...

You are looking great! Our baby boy is scheduled (quite literally scheduled via c/s) on July 25.

Random question...my daughter's hair is exactly like Brynn's. do you do anything on a daily basis short of conditioning shampoo, leave in conditioner, and detangler to even get a brush through it?

twentyfeettall said...

:( I managed to miss the last sale that you had! Will there be another? I don't have instagram anymore so I'm way out of the loop...

Tabitha said...

OK, so those girls are just precious, I could eat them up. And I need their clothes for my girls. Especially those precious white, embroydered dresses. Serious. I need those.
You are pretty adorable yourself,too...LOVING that perfect belly!

Jess Gougeon said...

I literally checked your blog today to see if he was born yet... and it's now a day after your due date and I'm wondering if he has made his arrival! I'll have to go stalk you on twitter and see if I can figure that out.
I'm glad you're enjoying being a stay at home mom. I've been doing it now for 2.5 years and I have to say I find myself sometimes struggling to find enough things to do together, especially now that Emmett is 1 and a little less demanding. But mostly, it's wonderful. :)

trina bird said...

kristin- at this rate you might have your baby boy before i have mine ;)
brynn's hair- so i don't brush it, i only comb it with a wide tooth comb. i make sure to condition it every other- every 2 days & wash it when needed (like every 2-3 days. like, i won't always scrub it up, but it'll get soap from the bath on the "off" days)- then i put in leave in conditioner/detangler (i use Curlz products that i buy online) & comb it out & let it dry!
once it's dry i pretty much don't touch it. i'll spray on some conditioner on the off days (if it's looking dry) & maybe wet it- but no combing or brushing!

twentyfeettall: no instagram?!?! ::horrified face:: it won't be for a bit- probably in August! i'll try & announce it here too but it's just so much easier on IG :(

Tab: i can save for you- i promise ;) i am SO excited for your newest addition, seriously! 2 girls are SO fun!

Jess: i'm still here! ha- & yes, so far so good but omg...omg. right?! ha!