Thursday, August 9, 2012


i know. i won't even try to explain myself.

...ok- yes i will.

...but i got sick. & stuff. i swear. seriously- it felt like i was swallowing knives for like a week. i should actually win an award for surviving.
but then that award would probably be taken away for Googling "sore throat for 5 days" & immediately thinking i had "throat cancer or aids" which led me to schedule an Urgent Care exam where the nice old man doctor basically told me to suck it up.

my life. be jealous.

but i'm better now. & i'm sitting at work laughing/crying my eyes out because i just read this: The fart that (almost) altered my destiny

you guys. i might have to Google "can you die from laughing?" because i think i might.
go read. now. & forgive me for another week of no posting/breaking promises.

womp womp womp.

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