Tuesday, August 21, 2012

hi butterfly

my children think butterflies are magical.
"look, a butterfly!"

::hands clap, eyes glaze over, weird high pitched noises come into play, they fall down::

i think this is pretty typical for most little girls so i don't feel the need to call 911. i also think this is quite amusing, so i decided to take them to a place that is entirely devoted to butterflies. genius, right?

when we got to said magical paradise, the biggest sign you've ever seen said, "DON'T TOUCH THE BUTTERFLIES CAUSE THEY'LL DIE & WE'LL KICK YOUR ASS OUT!!!!"
seriously. word for word.

i was immediately questioning this trip- because my girls are not tender flowers with a light touch. they don't whisper into the wind, skip among the clouds or blow on dandelion seeds.
no, instead they pull the legs off insects, scream at twittering birds & attempt to decapitate all flowers. it's rather frightening.

so after some furious whispering between adults, while my darlings screeched at the door to be let in, we told them, quite firmly, that they were NOT TO TOUCH THE BUTTERFLIES! no chasing, no screaming, no touching- nada. they acted like they understood. sweet. in we go.

...the first thing we saw was a dead butterfly. the girls were thrilled. savages.

however, i used the poor butterfly's demise to explain to the girls that if they did any of the things we told them not to do.... ::looks somberly at poor dead butterfly::
they got the message & did a fantastic job acting like little girls who listen to their parents.

FYI: my failed ombre hair attempt has been rectified. just in case you were wondering. & that awesome bandage i'm sporting? the result of losing a fight with my Ninja blender:

i should have gotten stitches, but i didn't. & now i'll never be a hand model. the end.

there were also some very adorable quail chicks living within the bushes. i pretty much died from the cute.

not surprisingly, it doesn't take very long to explore a butterfly sanctuary. after an hour or so we headed outside for lunch.

then we bid the butterflies farewell & headed home. the end.

p.s. we took this trip in May. yeah- behind much? sorry guys.
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How sweet it is said...

How fun! We went to a butterfly exhibit when my girls were younger...I wonder how they would do now! Yikes!

Mommy and Daddy said...

Is this Magic Wings in Deerfield, MA? That place is really cool, very similar to where you went if not that same place...worth the trip and it is right down the street from Yankee Candle!

mama foosa said...

LOL to the we'll kick your ass out sign. Your girls are hilarious :) love the butterfly photos you got!

Anonymous said...

LMAO - kinda like the sign we encountered in April at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit that read, "Hey dumbass ..Did you really bring your 2 yr old to look at 2000 year old relics? and BTW no strollers allowed"......But seriously our kids would get along perfect ....Sofia loves dead things...hahaha

Denise said...

So adorable! We have a butterfly haven at a museum near us and it is so neat! My 2 1/2 year old daughter loved it too! And I still think you have hope to be a hand model some day! ;)

Mitzi G. said...

They are so adorable. B found a dead on outside one day & carried it so sweetly the whole time he was out there playing............then threw it in the recycling bin on the way in the house. Kids are the best :)

t.bird said...

mommy&daddy: it's the butterfly place in tyngsboro, ma. but yours sounds better- because i love YC.

HSII: the nanny is taking all the girls on her own in a few weeks. i'm praying for her.

foosa: <3

erica: LOL! "& btw no strollers..." WORST SIGNS EVER!!!
yes- our children should frolick together with dead things. & we'll drink. adult stuff.

denise: your daughter sound like a real lady, unlike mine. ha! & alas, the hand model ship has indeed sailed. i'll have to post a pic of my gnarly scar.

mitzi: right?! one second they are angelic angels from heaven- the next...dear God.