Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sick sick sick

i have a cold.
alex has a cold.

tis the season.

i'm 99% sure we picked it up at a friends house- she has 3 kids & 2 of them were fairly snotty & coughing while we were there. the next day- bam- i felt like crap and as of yesterday, bam- so does alex.
if i'd known before hand, i wouldn't have gone. no offense, i love them- but i hate being sick & i hate seeing alex suffer.

oh well. what's done is done.

anyway- so i shot out of bed @ 11:30pm last night because i hear alex snorting/coughing/choking. poor thing was so congested and miserable.

i used some saline drops & sucked out her nose & throat (which i felt bad about because i'd already done a ton of that earlier but i had no choice. i fed her, rocked her, vicksed her chest, swaddled her back up and put her back down. i also inclined the crap out of her. like, she might have well been sitting up. and then she slept much better. i woke up a inch to check on her, but the Angel Care monitor really puts my mind at ease that eveything is ok.

she slept till about 6 or so this morning, and then BAM- horrible. she woke up crying so i salined her nose & did a little more suction (i felt really bad now because now she had some bloody mucus- poor baby) then i changed her, fed her & stripped her down to her diaper.
she was actually pretty content at this point, she's been a real trooper.

but i wanted to break up some of her congestion- so i went ahead and started the shower. then i took a bowl, smeared Vicks in it (a good sized glob of it) and smeared more on a washcoth & put it in the bowl. i put that under the spray and WALLA! it was awesome. it helped her & me.

we sat in the closed up, steamy vicks goodness bathroom for a good 30 min or so. then i rinsed out the washcoth and wiped her nose with it. her eyes lit up like WHOA. then she started snuffling it- adorable....then i used it. nice.

i salined her nose once more- let it sit & only used tissues to wipe this time (then i realized that tissues suck & i broke out the Boogie Wipes a friend had gotten me as a "joke" actually- because i'm ANAL about snot- and those things kick ass). gotta give her poor nose a break. i dressed her, gave her a paci & she is happily napping for now.

whew. it sucked because i'd like nothing more than to stay home with her today- but i have a dentist appt & i have to go pick up a humidifier for her- so we'll make it as quick as possible.

thankfully my best friend is coming with me today to help out. i love her.
and that's that.

i should go change this snot covered t-shirt. gross.
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CLML said...

aw, poor girls! Gabriella is still congested from her cold (and is on antibiotics from the ear infection she got from her congestion pushing into her ears). I highly recommend the humidifier as soon as you can and I have been putting vapor rub (the menthol one, not the baby rub) on her feet before bed and it seems to help. The nose sucker does work the best though, and Gabriella loathes it.

Hiker - Kelly B said...

Isn't it awful to see your sweet baby sick? :-( I hope you both get better quickly.

p.s. I read recently that Regular Vicks is not safe for babies under 2. The Baby kind is fine though. We use Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a Vaporizer. It kind of simulates the Vicks/Shower steam.

Leigh said...

I also read the Vicks thing AFTER I used it on Kendra but I think she needed it more than what the concerns were :)

Stay inside, stay warm and both of you get well soon!