Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas time is here

so we got a nice 8 foot tree this year:

pretty pretty!

my favorite ornaments (Swarovski birds the husband got for me last year)

and my favorite light covers- tee hee!
and my favorite person in the whole wide world:

sleeping away. i love her.
and that's about it. not much new to report on- i go back to work in a month & weirdly, i'm looking forward to it. i mean, i'll miss alex, but she'll be in good hands & it'll be nice to make some money again.
we got our first (and second) snowstorms of the season so we've got about a million inches of snow on the ground- and now we've got sub-zero temps to boot. freaking great.
Christmas shopping is almost done- i'm actually going to finish up the husband's today so my mother in law is going to watch alex (it's somewhat of a hassle to take her in & out- plus it's freezing)
ummmmm- i've lost even more weight so now all my new pants look stupid on me. don't get me wrong, i'm glad the weight is gone, but NONE of my pants fit now, so i look ultra dumpy. i still need to tone up the midsection though- yikes!
alex is great- she smiles, laughs, "talks", "stands", rolls around- she's freaking perfect. all that, coupled with sleeping through the night and being an all around good baby- we really hit the ball out of the park with this one. thank you Lord!
in fact, she has just awoken from her nap & is demanding food. so off i go.

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My open roads said...

your tree looks amazing! together with that beautiful house of yours and the baby, what a Christmas it'll be! :) Glad all is going well with bambina!

pmarie33 said...

Nice tree! Boo to work in a month. I'm just a few weeks behind you.