Monday, June 1, 2009

twilight makes me ::squee::


NEW MOON TRAILER MAKES ME ::SQUEEEEE::!!!!!! seriously- i'm like a teenage girl over here!!!!
only 6 months away!! 6 whole freaking months- does it make me a bad mother that i'm also thinking about my child's birth in the way of Twilight- if she comes on time then it'll only be 2 months till New Moon ::le'sigh::

ok- in other, less teeny bopper news: we have almost finished moving in! i am beyond tired but also very pleased. the only room not finished is the nursery- once the floors are done (next weekend hopefully) we can buy the furniture & set it up! yay! i PROMISE i'll get pics up ASAP. hopefully tonight. the house looks great! very rustic & very me :)

hmmm- ok, since i know people like pictures- here's some pics of the mobile i had made (thank you lovely Etsy seller) she sent me these, & since i'm pleased, i have purchased it. go me!

very cute & it's going to look perfect with the walls/style of the nursery! i loves it!!!
and last but not least- i fell on my ass this morning. like balls to the wall, FELL! my pant leg got stuck on the dog cake and down i went. the brunt of the impact was taken by my ass & head- so yeah. and honestly- it didn't really hurt that bad. i was a little shaky but alex is still moving as usual and i've had no cramping or bleeding so i'm sure everything is fine. i'd call the dr if i thought there was a need- but i seriously feel fine & from everything i've read- alex is well protected & padded & i didn't hit my stomach at all- so it's all good.
i must say i'm glad no one saw it though- gosh. i'm sure i looked foolish. stupid dog cage.

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kate said...

Love the trailer, love the mobile, love it all! Sorry about the fall. Hope you're all better soon.

Mari said...

I am also loving the New Moon Trailer!!!! I'm sooo excited for the movie.

Also, I LOVE the name you've chosen for your daughter. I've thought about telling you since the first time you mentioned it, so I thought I'd tell you now.

I also love the mobile and can't wait for your pics! I'm in love with your new house.

Gosh, I hope you're not sore after that fall! Be careful!