Monday, June 15, 2009

this weekend

ok- here's a friday/weekend recap

Fri: i volunteered with The Special Olympics from 6:30am-3:30pm.
it. was. SO. awesome! i fully intend to do this every year now. my work will pay you for 8 hours of work, one day a year, if you volunteer for a non-profit org. well i picked the s.o. because my brother has Downs & competes. i've gone to watch & cheer him on in the past- but actually helping out this year was even more rewarding! i had a blast- rain & all!

afterwards i had to drive max to the vet for an anal gland re-check- gross. all was well with his butt so that was a relief.

Sat: both the husband & i volunteered with The Special Olympics from 6:30am-12:30pm. again- AWESOME! no rain, perfect weather, lovely athletes- it was great! i watched my brother compete in the long jump & hung out with my family. i also made the husband buy me "fair food"- it was amazing.

then we went & got the carpets cleaned at the condo & ran some errands. then we went home & fell onto the couch- i was exhausted!

Sun: i "slept in" until 6ish & then spent the morning on the couch reading & relaxing. i'd been dealing with this rather painful cramp/stretching/bruised feeling in my upper left abdomen since Fri night & it was nice to just sit. i'm guessing alex decided to grow & just burrow her head into this one spot because it hurt SO BAD! every time i touched it or she moved it was like...raw. ugh. it seems to have abaited quite a bit as of this morning but it's still a little sore. goodness!

then the in-laws came over & his dad connected our water line to our ice maker- so we now have ice. hooray! i was hoping he would start the floors in the nursery but it was pouring out so that was a no go. hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks they'll be done because i REALLLLY want to set up furniture & decorate!
while they were there i made pizza & cookies so that people wouldn't starve- i didn't feel like doing anything but i felt sort of obligated.

after they left my bf & some friends & their kids dropped by to the see house. i played hostess & after our friends with children left i hung out with my bf & made dinner & such. she brought us a lovely blue/green Hydrangea plant that i cann't WAIT to plant. i love it! she also brought over my baby show invites so i could approve them- they're adorable.
she also let it slip that she & a couple other friends are going in on our stroller ::squee:: which HORRIFIED my other friend who was there (friend w/kids) because she still thinks this whole thing is a surprise- she's old skool like that. but whatever- i'm happy to know it's one less thing i have to worry about!

after she left i got my pj's on & settled down to read some more. the husband went to bed around 10ish but i wasn't tired. so i stayed up and watch Chopped (love this show) and Throwdown (whilst reading)- i got to bed around 11:30 and slept like a rock (painful tummy and all)

Mon: back to the daily grind

so that's that! i need to find time to get my GD blood test before the 18th- i also have an OB appt tomorrow afternoon.
i took pictures of my adorable clothing finds & i'll try to put them up tonight or tomorrow. i also need to take some new belly pics because i'm pretty sure i've doubled in size. for real.
3rd Trimester starts tomorrow! good LORD!
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Leigh said...

Your weekend sounds HECTIC - I'm jealous of all your energy :)

can't wait to see your pics because I've also felt a growth spurt with the babies

Rebekah said...

Holy cow-3rd tri?! No way! Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous of all your energy, too :)