Thursday, August 21, 2008

poor little cessna

poor cessna- max was running pell-mell down the hall and bowled her over! he basically wiped her ass out!! she started yelping but i thought she was ok- but then i noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her paw- so i rushed her to the vet & thy took an x-ray and, yep! broken toe! it was a nice clean break but it still hurt her- poor thing! they drugged her up and put on a hot pink little cast- she's pretty much ok but she looks pretty pathtic trying to run around- haha!
now i'll have to take her in every 10 days for the next 4 weeks until it comes off- ugh! also this little event cost me a nice $203 dollars!!! i can tell max feels bad though- he keep kissing her and whining! haha.

i feel bad but she sure looks cute- ahhh well. just another day in the life of poor miss cessna. what a rough 16 weeks she's had!!!
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The Wright's said...

OMG that might be the cutest thing i have seen for months! so sad and i'm happy that she's okay, but seriously, that cast is about the size of my pinky! so cute. lots of puppy love for cessna!

christina from

osuraj said...

Awww poor pup! I have to admit, she's pretty darned cute in that pink cast. :-)

Marijana said...

poor little girl! Leo sends get well kisses to Cessna :)

JenM said...

Oh, poor baby! She is pretty adorable, and looks like she will be getting lots of extra love with those sad little eyes.

Stephanie said...

OMG she looks so pathetic, but she is so f-ing cute. Give her tons of extra hugs and kisses from me!

hopefaithlove said...

Your poor little puppy, he lloks like he is so sad. I could just scoop her up!