Saturday, August 9, 2008


3 women i know, had babies today. 3. good God.

1. this girl & her husband- it's their 1st and all- so i'm not too bummed. i'm happy for them.
2. some of my friends who i bitched about getting pregnant again because they hate each other & have no money and 3 kids already.
3. my other friends who i bitched about getting pregnant because they hate each other, have no money & already have 3 kids.

yeah- 2 out of those 3 women shouldn't be having any more kids- not because they're unfit mothers or anything- just because. i'm so pissed. and 1 wasn't due until 8/10 but of course she has her kid early- of course.

ugh. now i'm gonna have to go visit the 1 friend whom i'm the most annoyed about having one. if we don't go, she'll be "offended" whatever. i'm offended that she sucks.

i also went to a good friend's wedding- pictures will come later- when i'm less depressed.
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Echloe said...

You are a good (and super tough) woman. I wouldn't care if my annoying friend was offended. I wouldn't go visit her. So kudos to you tbird. I hope it isn't too sucky.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry. :( I would have a very hard time dealing with that too. I can't even imagine. But you know what? You don't have to go and see the babies right now if you aren't up to it. You can give yourself permission to not do it if it is going to hurt too much. I feel like it is a cop out for me sometimes, but lately I don't care if someone will be offended or whatever, I do what feels right to me. If I don't want to see my friends with pregnant bellies or who have babies, I don't see them as often. ((hugs))