Friday, February 27, 2015

we live

let me start by saying honestly, i'd almost forgotten how to log into blogger.

with the impending birth of my 4th i really feel like i should update this thing. i don't necessarily think i can commit to blogging on the regular, but i've documented the arrivals of my other 3 so it's only fair that #4 gets their due.

first off- let me update you on our current lives:

alex - she's 5. she's in kindergarten. she's basically just like me which means she drives me bat shit crazy on the daily. i love her {obviously} & she's just fantastic {she can be very sweet & charming & hilarious. she's smart & intuitive & helpful & generally pretty happy} , but she makes me question ALL THE THINGS ABOUT PARENTING & BEING SANE almost every day. however, she's alive & thriving & doesn't appear to need therapy {yet} so i think i'm doing ok.

brynn - she's 4. she's in nursery class. she's just great. she's rather the opposite of me {being super happy & sweet & bubbly} & just a delight. she adores her brother & sister & she's incredibly loving. she's a wee bit sensitive at times & takes things to heart {so my low empathy levels are tested} but she snaps out of any kind of funky mood fairly quickly. she's my BOOM child. because she's just, BOOM - awesome.

cohen - he's 20 months old. he's the bee's knees. he looks NOTHING like me {according to 99.9% of everyone who cares to comment} & he's so freaking cute it hurts. he's an incredible sweetheart & simply adores his sisters {sometimes too much for them}. he's just the sweetest little boy & we can't even IMAGINE life without him. baby cohen {as EVERYONE still calls him} is the very picture of the "favored" boy in a family full of estrogen. he's rather up my butt for about 75% of the day, but it is what it is. he also decided to break his leg 4 weeks ago {I KNOW. YOU GUYS, I KNOW!!!} & he just got his cast off yesterday so he's a wee bit more clingy than usual, but i'm guessing he'll get his land legs back within a couple weeks & be off doing the crazy boy things he does. 

baby bird #4 - she's 39 weeks cooked {on sunday}. too be honest, i was all done after cohen but obvs the good Lord had other plans. i'm sure she's gonna be pretty terrific despite the horrible heartburn she's given me for the past 9 months. currently she's all but out of room in her current quarters but still insists on doing vigorous bouts of gymnastics so that's pretty fun. we {& everyone else} are pretty excited to see what she's going to bring to our family dynamic. fair/dark hair? blue/brown eyes? straight/curly hair? pale/tanned melonin? SO MANY QUESTIONS! & i'm hoping she answers pretty soon- like by next week would be nice. i'm also planning on getting myself DIRECTLY to the hospital as soon as i feel the first contraction- cohen's natural birth pretty much scarred me for life & i NEVER want to experience that pain again. seriously you guys, that shit HURTS! missing out on my epi is NOT an option. nope. never. ALL THE FORMS OF NO!!!

& that sums up the current lives of the small ones.

we're currently in the midst of a never ending winter {Frozen style} & we're finally {maybe, possibly, hopefully} getting over the cold from hell. signs of spring are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND, minus a few very confused robins & everyone is a little stir crazy & suffering from serious cabin fever. thank God for friends & playdates, school, trips to Target & a handful of warm{ish} days that allowed for going outdoors & not acquiring frostbite. we are all SO ready for nice weather, no more snow & good health. our urgent care trip quota has been filled & we're well on our way to meting 2015's deductible & i haven't even had a baby yet.

i could probably go on & complain some more but i think you get the idea.

life is good though. seriously. we've got everything we need, we've got plans to finish the basement this spring {another bathroom, OMG!}, it's tax refund time {yay money. sorta.}, we've got friends, playdates, ballet classes, & etc etc etc.

& now i'll bombard you with a bunch of random pictures {via instagram obvs} & you'll get a pretty good idea of what we've been up to for the past few months.

& there you go. i realize it's been well over a year & i've completely skipped last winter, spring & summer buuuut, oy. you can always keep up with us birds over on my IG {@lookatthebirds} & i do intend on coming back with birth story #4 {FINAL BIRTH STORY PEOPLE!} so yeah. i have to go wipe someone's nose or something now. glamorous. 

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Jessica Wyndham said...

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. That's pretty much it, but also, thank you for blogging. So pumped to see pictures of baby #4, who will be gorgeous regardless of which of her siblings she looks like.

Kelli said...

I got so excited to see a post from you pop up!! Your nuggets are cute as ever. No doubt little sis will be just as! :)

Erica Rae said...

Suppppp Lady! Im so excited you blogged! and excited for your #4 to make her appearance.....woot woot! Anywho i changed my blog so still trying figure out this wordpress thing!

Not 100% on board with word press yet

Charlotte said...

Hey, Hello

Don't forget introduce new baby girl. I'm impatient

Johna Mccaa said...

Your children all look like happy little characters, and most important of all, they look like they are bursting with good health and energy. There can't be anything more important than that. Also, it really is funny how often the last child tends to be unexpected and a complete surprise. I like to call them a special present from God.

Johna Mccaa @ US HealthWorks - Union City