Friday, December 14, 2012


“Sorrow makes us all children again - destroys all differences of
intellect. The wisest know nothing.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

today is not about gun control & pointing fingers.

my heart aches for parents that will go home tonight & not have the chance to tuck their children in. 
for the silence that will be so loud & unbearable. 
for young lives SO full of promise, that were stolen.
for families that have lost a piece of their puzzle.
there is nothing i can say that can make this tragedy anything less than it is, absolutely heartbreaking.

thoughts & prayers for those in pain.
& so blessed for the safety of friends & family.

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Faren said...

Well said...although I wish these words weren't need today. Prayers and thoughts for those whose hearts are aching.

Sheila@Chinaberry said...

What a poignant quote from Emerson to go with your thoughtful words. I've found it hard to believe that parents won't get to tuck their kids in as well -- must be a universal feeling. Thanks for offering your words.