Wednesday, January 2, 2008

annual & pap

so i went in for my annual & pap smear today with my new OBGYN- she was aaawesome. we talked about my TTC for a good 20 min and when i told her i wasn't pregnant and that this is my 9th cycle she said that considering my young age & healthy status & also brandon's fairly young age- there is no reason we shouldn't be pregnant yet. i ovulate reguarly & there are no signs of endo or anything abnormal so she was a little concerned that we still aren't pregnant. soooo she asked if i knew anything about Clomid and i said yesss- she said that if i'm not pregnant by the end of Feb then i should give her a call & we can either:
1. do one month of Clomid to see if i produce more than 1 egg (better chance of fertilization?)
2. get an HSG done
3. have brandon get a SA
4. or all of the above
i'm sooo happy that she's proactive about all of this. she was wicked nice and i feel alot better that i'm not the only one wondering about the lack of pregnancy going on.

so i was in a pretty good mood until i got back to work and heard this WICKED annoying girl from my office announce to a few ladies that she's 4 months pregnant. ugh. she is serously the most annoying person ever and a wicked attention whore- meh!

oh well. one day it'll be my turn!
God bless
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